Online Monitoring

States and UT’s are funded to implement activities under the different components of SSA. Through this portal, States and UT’s will be able to share their progress on physical targets and fund utilization.

Repository of SE Shagun

This will enable States and UT’s to share videos, photographs, case studies, testimonials, documents, reports, research studies and other evidence of innovative practices that States and UT’s implement. This portal will be a compilation and dissemination of the experience from the field.

About SE Shagun

In Hindi, 'Shala' means 'School' and 'Gunvatta' means 'Quality'. Additionally, 'Shagun' means 'good omen'.

Shala Gunvatta (Shagun) Portal is a twin track approach to monitor progress of implementation of the various components while also capturing and sharing of best practices from States and UTs. The portal has two parts

1. Online Monitoring will capture the progress in implementation. Regular updates of progress will be available through dashboards to the Ministry and States for internal monitoring. Some reports would also be available in the public domain.

2. SE Repository is a repository of innovative practices, success stories, evaluation reports, and interventions initiated across all the States and Union Territories in the area of Elementary Education.

Few films showcasing SSA are available here